East Lansing Ceramics Program’s User Group

Our goal is to support and optimize the East Lansing Ceramic Program through optimizations that include improved tools, equipment and enhanced space and program offerings. We also will do outreach, inclusion and community engagement. While encouraging  arts and craft participation and appreciation we are currently investigating formal non-profit status  The East Lansing Ceramics Program is a unique in the area, welcomes people new to clay and those with a lifetime of experience. It provides a friendly easygoing environment, that for many participants is walking distance from their homes. This program serves as the first opportunity many people have to try ceramics with many participants continuing  with the craft and moving on to local businesses and studios in the area. In addition to the many of us who have moved back from other programs because of our program’s unique characteristics. The program’s enrollment was over 200 students in 2019 and we were on track to top 300 in 2020 before the pandemic.

Grant request – East Lansing Ceramic Program’s Outreach, Enhancement and Revenue Generation Project ()