Thank you!

Thanks to everyone involved!

I’m sorry we didn’t win, but I’m pleased with the outcome. We made a great showing, only losing by 25 votes. I’ve heard we won the mail-in vote, good on all those who were able to utilize the option that limits contact in this time of COVID-19.

I enjoyed the campaign experience, I learned a lot and heard from a lot of great people.  I could not have done it without Matt Borghi’s marketing and web wizardry and the help and support of the other members of my campaign squad Felicia Berryman(Treasurer), Cliff Zang and Blake Weil. I’ve captured the process and information needed to run and am happy to share it with potential candidates, just ask.

I will keep in touch, continue to share information, ideas, solutions and ways to participate on my website-

Join me — Send an email, a message, make a suggestion, sign-up for my mailing list, run for office, join a committee, go to a neighborhood association meeting…

Thanks to all,  hope to see you soon,


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Kath Edsall Endorses Pam Weil for Ingham County Commissioner

Kath Edsall is many things: a mom, a wife, a veterinarian, a social justice activist, coach, volunteer, East Lansing Public School Board Treasurer and she’s supporting Pam Weil for Ingham County Commissioner!

“I’m endorsing Pam Weil for Ingham County Commissioner, District 9 because of her experience, training and life-long commitment to our community. Join me in supporting her campaign for Ingham County Commissioner of District 9.”

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Major SCOTUS Victory May be Transformative!

“In a historic 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, forbidding workplace discrimination on the basis of sex, applies to gay and transgender people.”

I’m a strong integrationalist and I support this decision, but I am keeping an eye on this conservative court.

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